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The boys got hammered and recorded a podcast. Also, Brian stopped by. So, to sum up, Drunk Alex and Drunk Kevin and It-Doesn’t-Really-Make-A-Difference-Whether-Or-Not-He’s-Drunk Brian talked into microphones for a while. Can Alex go a whole episode without “breaking the seal”? Is Kevin really funnier when he’s drunk? Let’s find out. God help us.



caption contest

Hey Guys….This is a new segment I started in which my friends participate in a daily caption contest. This is a compilation of the pictures and the winning entries of the first three weeks. Keep up the good work and try not to suck.

Christine Nickerson Robbins “I missed winning the caption contest by THIS much!”

Sharmin Cobb “If you tell anyone I borrowed your teeth, you’re a dead man!”

Casey Michalski “Don’t tickle my belly buttonnnn, it’s a direct line to a PROSTATE ORGASM”

Justin Johnson “Luckily for K-Fed, Target now accepts food stamps”

Casey Michalski “Billy Zane catches a breather, though with no remorse, after flipping the table at breakfast with his fiancée.”

Aj Savon “You had me at burrito”

Aj Savon ‎”I’m not one of those people who is going to stop being fun just because I’m 9 months pregnant. FIRE!!”

Justin Johnson “Judd Nelson looks proudly on while the sane Estevez brother chokes the homosexuality out of Mike Hall. All that can be heard from Sheedy is, “fucking talent whore”. Behind the Movie-Breakfast Club”

Casey Michalski “creeper Frank “the feline” Rosenbaum poses for a photo during some downtime at his local roller rink, where he rents out skates part time.”

Colleen Gill Scott “After the epic sword fight shredded David’s pants and half his hair he celebrated his victory by flipping up his high tops and posing for this picture…then rock was born.”

Peter Pachoumis “Time to grease the wheels!”

Justin Johnson “Proof there is a God: Kenny G is banished to hell to attend his own shows with his chap wearing dopelganger and rejected extras from Dynasty. Burn, bitch, burn”

Peter Pachoumis “Sloth love chunk! Baby Ruth?!?”

Justin Johnson “Is not (taking my ball and going home)”

Kevin Michalski ‎”Me rikey sno-cone!”
“You grew up in Queens, dad. Stop doing that voice.”

“Me rikey sno-cone.”

Aj Savon “the umbrella-fan combination is the only thing photographers found to keep gay men from falling off the pillar amidst the Italian restaurant theme”

Colleen Gill Scott “Every year the McDoogie family let’s a family member pic the pose for the annual portrait. This year was Donna’s turn (upper left). “Hold a bear if you care” she titled the portrait. Bobby, holding an apple, was either stupid or showing his dislike for his adopted sister.”

Justin Johnson “Even though the price was right, Verne Troyer was taking no chances. Afterall, this was still Courtney Love”

Kevin Michalski ‎”Why are you girls so happy?”
“Because Alex still hasn’t figured out how to put full-size pictures on here! This works in our favor because we’re all ugly as fuck. And nobody can tell!”

Kevin Michalski My caption: “If I have to take one more picture with a fat virgin retard, I’m gonna kill MYSELF off.”

Colleen Gill Scott ‎”Please don’t make me.” says little Sally. Mom looks on smugly

Kevin Michalski ‎”I wanna watch Matlock.”
“You know the drill, grandma. Now get back down there.”
“Such a big boy…”

Scott Michalski “As it turns out, John Wayne Gacy is still alive and he figures “hey, i gotta little room left in my crawlspace.”

Justin Johnson “If you woulda put it there the first time we wouldn’t be in this situation!”


No Shit

Drew’s back to accept his Best Shit Story Nubbie! In this episode, the guys talk about sex after marriage and Jeff’s internet date. Plus, another peek into Kevin’s diary. Enjoy!